Design Service
Design Service

Commercial space, graphic design, brand design, product design and other design services.

Yongcheng  - "Design and Manufacturing" 3D CAD / CAM / WMS / TMS Information Solutions

  • Modular Design

    The platform integrates a large number of real product data models, and users can make the whole wood customization process simple, efficient and zero-error through building block design. Design drawings users can also intuitively feel and improve order signing.

  • Overall Design

    Fully simulate the most realistic design, including sizing, material setting, material transformation, etc., making design easy and simple. The drawing can be completed.

  • Wood Design - Wood Finish

    The design of the wood veneer fully conforms to the most realistic customer site, including the change of the core plate when the size changes, the change of the size of the edge of the yin and yang angle, the interchange of the hollow wood veneer, the exchange of the waist line, see the light The size of the face is equally divided; the user can complete the design of the wood veneer in about 10 minutes.

  • Rendering

    Powerful REDWAY 3D rendering engine for realistic renderings. The use of powerful hardware equipment and informatization software enables Yongcheng to demonstrate advanced manufacturing design concepts and manufacturing capabilities. This has made the cooperation with the international first-line brands more compact, and in the process of integration with the new retail market, it has fully realized the new space design concept.

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